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Kayaking Kraze

BY JULIANA KABOUDI, LAURA GONZALEZ, PAMELA CRUZ & SAAD MASUD Staff Writers Check out a slideshow of the field trips events. Edited by: Juliana Kaboudi. Renowned for offering technological innovations coupled with a college...

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Credit: Guliana Rizzo
Ms. Gunn teaching one of her Marine Biology classes 0

Ms. Gunn, Marine Specialist

BY EMALISSE FERNANDEZ Staff Writer “Really, teaching chose me. I gravitate towards information about the world and I see the value in sharing my knowledge with others… put ‘em together and what have you...

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(Credit: Giuliana Rizzo)
MAST@FIU students showing off their individual style. 0

Express Yourselves

BY: MAIA KOFMAN Staff Writer “Express yourselves” is what our teachers tell us, but how are we supposed to do that when we have a strict uniform? There has been a lot of disagreement...

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Left: Nathan Athoriste helping other classmates out on a difficult problem.  Right: Cornelius White working out a math homework assignment with his fellow peers.  Credit: Reunie Faustin 0

Strategies for Success

BY REUNIE FAUSTIN  Staff Writer  With a new school year in tow the most dreaded invention to face students comes hurtling through, HOMEWORK. Yes, ladies and gentleman homework is back and those late nights...

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Our MAST@FIU Mascot! 0

New Year, New Rules

BY JULIANA KABOUDI Social Media Editor Opening in 2013, MAST@FIU is a great program for advanced students interested STEM. There were approximately 85 freshman students the school’s inaugural year, while this current year there are...

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MAST@FIU students participating in the Beach Clean up and mural painting community service event.  Credit: MAST@FIU Announcements. 0

Peace, Art, and the Beach

BY SKYLER ODIN Managing Editor With the beach at their backs and the sea in their ears, a special group of MAST@ FIU students volunteered their Saturday, August 30th, to help with a major...

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Credit: Isaac Fenelon
MAST@FIU students patiently wait outside for the public bus after school 0

Divided But Conquered: New Lunch Schedules Force New Club Schedules

  BY: SAAD MASUD Staff Writer Even though clubs are considered to be a safe haven for millions of stressed students around the world, MAST@FIU students are facing an issue with their club meetings,...

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Dr. Welker smiling next to our school banner by the office. 
Credit: Giuliani Rizzo 0

Inside Scoop on Dr. Welker

BY PAMELA CRUZ & SAMANTHA SCHWARTZ  Staff Writers   Towering at six foot three, with short brown hair, a crisp white shirt, and perfectly ironed black slacks, Dr. Welker, our principal, is the newest...

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IMG_1281 1

MAST@FIU’s Students Test Out King’s Tide Sensors

 BY: SKYLER ODIN Managing Editor MAST@FIU’s select students tested out their Coqui sensors that they will use on October 9th for the King’s Tide Day data collection. Check out the article for more information

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Eyes On The Rise Technology 0

Check Out MAST@FIU’s Future Engineers!

BY: SKYLER ODIN Managing Editor Check out MAST@FIU’s newest bright engineers!!! Partnering with the CLEO Institute, MAST@FIU is getting ready for The King’s Tide Day. Find out out at

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