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And the winner is…

Mr. Casals, Santiago Echeverry, and Ariel Harris pose at the BGM Bowl.

BY SHERINEDA JEANNITON Staff writer Everybody drummed rolled in the suspenseful atmosphere waiting anxiously for Mrs. Madrigal to announce the winner of the 2015 BGM Bowl. The groups have already performed and the games have already been played. Who will the winner be? All would be answered in just a few seconds. Finally, everyone stopped…

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New Year’s Resolution Expectations Vs. Reality

Source: Google Images

BY ANNABELLA CHRISTOPHER Staff Writer Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past three years, you’re already making promises for the New Year that probably won’t last for more than two weeks. Here are five common New Year’s Resolutions you’re probably not going to keep in 2016: Getting Fit Expectation:  “This is my…

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“Bilancia” Yearbook: Selling Quick!


By: Samantha Schwartz & Ariel Harris Social Media Editors, Managing Editors, & Marketing Team The yearbook is selling quick and there are VERY limited copies. You can purchase your yearbook today for only $35.00 at

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Another MANTASTIC teacher


BY DOMINIQUE PIERRE Staff Writer  Students welcoming the new teacher, Ms.Spencer (Credit: Tyler Nguyen) MAST@FIU is a fairly new school in Miami-Dade County with advanced students ranging from 9th to 11th grade. As one can tell this school is different from your average high school. The teachers here at MAST@FIU love to teach and help…

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Hour-Long Lunch at Mast @ FIU?

BY: MAIA KOFMAN AND SOPHIA KHAN Staff Writers                                                                     Students at MAST@FIU having lunch                   …

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Social Media: Positive or Negative?


BY NEIL FAGAN Social Media Editor iPad Mini on CNN news station twitter page. (Credit: Neil Fagan) Social media is often perceived as a negative form of media, however, many people object, defending that social media can indeed be positive.   “Social media is like a car, it depends on how you use it,” Mr….

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Mast Elections



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