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Avi Garbow visits MAST@FIU 
(Credit: Giuliana Rizzo) 0

Avi Garbow Lecture Presentation

BY: JULIANNA KABOUDI Social Media Editor Students at MAST@FIU had the opportunity to meet Avi  Garbow, a General Counsel for the United States Environmental  Protection Agency sworn into office on August 7th, 2013. Select...

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Classical Music for the Triumph

BY: STEPHANIE ASZKENAS Staff writer   Health is wealth.  Many things can contribute to an overall well-being such as: exercise, regular water consumption, a good laugh here and there, as well as a well-balanced...

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Do You Want Your Permit?

BY: Krystal Jerez & Giuliana Rizzo Staff Writers   All students are eager to own a car and a permit to have the opportunity to drive where they’d like and when they’d like, to...

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American Horror Story: Freak Show Premier

BY: SOPHIA KHAN AND STEVEN FRIEDMAN Staff writers   Freakshow takes place in Jupiter, Florida in 1952. It tells the story of one of the few remaining freak shows in America at the time and...

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[View the story “#MASTonJustice ” on Storify]

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(Collage By: Samantha Schwartz)

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The Controversy Surrounding Urban Outfitters

BY SAMANTHA SCHWARTZ Staff writer Urban Outfitters has been known for its bohemian, hipster, ironically humorous, artsy, retro, and vintage styles, but lately their image has taken a turn for the worse. In 2010,...

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Students Samantha Schwartz and Maia Kofman work on their laptops. Photo credit: Pamela Cruz 0

Advantages and Disadvantages of Digital Learning

BY JOVEMYRDHA CHARLES & MARTINA MAURICI Staff writer Technology is all around us. It can provide us with information, entertainment, and even a few odd facts. With all the positive factors associated with technology...

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