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(Collage By: Samantha Schwartz)

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The Controversy Surrounding Urban Outfitters

BY SAMANTHA SCHWARTZ Staff writer Urban Outfitters has been known for its bohemian, hipster, ironically humorous, artsy, retro, and vintage styles, but lately their image has taken a turn for the worse. In 2010,...

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Students Samantha Schwartz and Maia Kofman work on their laptops. Photo credit: Pamela Cruz 0

Advantages and Disadvantages of Digital Learning

BY JOVEMYRDHA CHARLES & MARTINA MAURICI Staff writer Technology is all around us. It can provide us with information, entertainment, and even a few odd facts. With all the positive factors associated with technology...

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Reminder: Twitter Talk tomorrow #MASTonJustice

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The Unseen @ BBC

Journalism students Samantha Schwartz and Maia Kofman create a video highlighting the beautiful nature that you often miss when you are running around from class to class at our campus. A special shout out...

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Kayaking Kraze

BY JULIANA KABOUDI, LAURA GONZALEZ, PAMELA CRUZ & SAAD MASUD Staff Writers Check out a slideshow of the field trips events. Edited by: Juliana Kaboudi. Renowned for offering technological innovations coupled with a college...

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Credit: Guliana Rizzo
Ms. Gunn teaching one of her Marine Biology classes 0

Ms. Gunn, Marine Specialist

BY EMALISSE FERNANDEZ Staff Writer “Really, teaching chose me. I gravitate towards information about the world and I see the value in sharing my knowledge with others… put ‘em together and what have you...

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(Credit: Giuliana Rizzo)
MAST@FIU students showing off their individual style. 0

Express Yourselves

BY: MAIA KOFMAN Staff Writer “Express yourselves” is what our teachers tell us, but how are we supposed to do that when we have a strict uniform? There has been a lot of disagreement...

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Left: Nathan Athoriste helping other classmates out on a difficult problem.  Right: Cornelius White working out a math homework assignment with his fellow peers.  Credit: Reunie Faustin 0

Strategies for Success

BY REUNIE FAUSTIN  Staff Writer  With a new school year in tow the most dreaded invention to face students comes hurtling through, HOMEWORK. Yes, ladies and gentleman homework is back and those late nights...

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